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All About GIA

Mission Statement

The Greeley Interfaith Association (GIA) is a nonprofit entity funded by contributions from Greeley area faith community congregations, individuals, grants and by proceeds from the GIA Clothing Bank. 

The purpose of Greeley Interfaith Association, founded in 1976, is to promote cooperation among members of faith communities and human service organizations and to bring about social justice in order that all persons in our community will have what they need to safely thrive as human beings. 

It is understood that from a faith context, social justice involves making sure all persons have access to a safe physical, emotional and spiritual environment where each person has adequate shelter, nutrition, clothing, employment, health care and a compassionate community of support. 


Program Goals

To accomplish this mission statement, representatives of faith community congregations and social service agencies strive to:

  1. Promote the general welfare of and take an active interest in the discernable problems of the Greeley area; 

  2. Provide a means for involvement by laity, clergy and agency staff members in community social issues and concerns; 

  3. Develop the capacity to study and provide information on identified social issues in order to suggest specific involvement of the religious community toward their resolution; 

  4. Develop supportive and cooperative relationships between religious groups and the agencies working in the community to meet human needs;

  5. Provide opportunities for interfaith social ministry activities, community worship and study opportunities;

  6. Engage in fundraising to support social ministry projects in the community.


Membership Participation

Communities of Faith

Greeley Interfaith Association (GIA) strives to be as inclusive as possible, with representative participation by a wide variety of communities of faith in the Greeley area. There shall not be any creedal restrictions to membership. Membership is by voluntary participation. Any community of faith may participate in the Greeley Interfaith Association as a member and send two voting delegates (clergy and/or laity) and any other representatives to participate in GIA meetings and activities. 


Human Service Organizations

Human service organizations that have programs that interact with or seek the support of faith communities are encouraged to authorize representatives to participate in the Greeley Interfaith Association meetings and activities. 


“God’s love supersedes all religions and it is the core of all religions.” 

Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi, The Religion of God

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